Main cast in order of appearance.

Katherine Nash - Red
Katherine Nash is a student in Indiana University’s Theatre and Drama Department. She was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. While she has had a fair amount of theatre experience, SLASHER is her first horror film and she is super excited to be a part of it.

Beau Yotty - William Rosum/Slasher
Beau grew up in the Pacific Northwest, 30 miles outside of Seattle, Washington. As a child he watched his larger than life heroes Stallone, Schwarzenegger and the action stars of the day. While spending his childhood on the baseball diamond or on the football field, he was also preparing himself to one day be up there on the Big Screen. Athletics and fitness, in the back of his mind, would prepare him physically for future roles in film. While continuing to play football and baseball in college, he decided to hone his acting skills at the University. Since the age of 18, he has dedicated himself to study and feed his internal passion for the craft. He has starred in such films as MERC: Shadow Knight Origin, Unlikely Prophets, Island of the Cannibal Death Gods and his current project "Dark Worlds: The Movie" to name a few. Beau’s future goals include taking on challenging roles and making films in Hollywood.

Brett Hays - Richard Marshal

Dax Spanogle - Paul Walker
Working his way towards his goal, Dax Spanogle has been focusing on becoming a character actor for the last two years. He looks forward to researching and becoming new characters and it shows through his professionalism, attitude, and work ethic.

Kitsie Duncan - Rebecca Rosum
Kitsie Duncan Was born in the Chicagoland area, and lived in several cities growing up. Kitsie now calls Bloomington, Indiana home where she lives with her husband Chris Jay and is raising her amazing children. From a young age Kitsie always loved the spotlight, and was always involved in Choir and Drama. She took a hiatus to raise her children, and now that they are older, is perusing her life long dream of being in movies. She is currently producing and acting in Independent Films such as Lethal Obsession, Reverie, Good Night, Cthulhu Key: Legacy, Astro Noir the web series and the upcoming Mother's Blood as Vivian.
Kitsie is so proud to be considered a “Scream Queen” and loves the independent film family that she is involved in. She was recently crowned one of the elite Famous Monsters of Filmland Scream Queens and recently had a pictorial in the October 2010 issue.

Michelle Shields - Allison Smith
Michelle Shields is a young actress/model who is totally driven and focused with her career. She has been involved in many different kinds of projects from films to TV, to comic books to print. She has a very impressive resume which includes major blockbusters like ‘The Dark Knight’ to the highly anticipated ‘Frankenstein: Day of the Beast’. Born and raised in the Chicago-land area she has always had a love for movies, film making, and acting. She has gotten a lot of attention from fans, not only for her talent, but also for her sweet and sincere attitude. She is always in a great mood, ready to work, and professional in every regard.
She is a core member of Comic Book Divas and has been featured in many of their comics. 'A Life Behind The Mask', ‘Fangs’, and ‘WANTED: Red Riding’ to mention a few. She has also been very busy recently starring in many film projects such as Zack Daggy’s 'Dark Worlds, SLASHER', ‘Frankenstein: Day of the Beast’, ‘Post Mortem America, 2021’, as well as others.
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Full Cast in order of appearance. Katherine Nash - The Woman in Red
Beau Yotti - William Rosum/Slasher
Brett Hays - Richard Marshal
Dax Spanogle - Paul Walker
Kitsie Duncan - Rebecca Rosum
Teresa Blair - Nurse
Samantha Stutz - Smiling Girl
Lindsay Swindell - Dead Girl 1
Savannah Sexton - Dead GIrl 2
Heather Babbs - Dead Girl 3
Suz Posey - Dead Girl 4
Damian Blair - Child in Park
- Couple in Park
Courtney Vojtasek - Girl in Park 1
Tara Weddle - Girl in Park 2
Chris Blair - Jogger in Park
Michelle Shields - Allison Smith